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10 Foreplay Tips for Better Orgasm

If you are looking for a better orgasm then jumping straight to sex will never make you feel the real orgasm and you will miss the action.

People are much busy nowadays and they have to understand what things they can do to improve their sexual experience and feel an orgasm.

Here, we are listing 10 foreplay tips for a better orgasm that will enhance the experience and you will never miss them before getting sex With Goa escort .

  1. Kissing will work:

According to several studies, kissing your partner is an initial activity of foreplay and makes your partner happy and relaxed. Never think about direct sex because you both will miss the essence.

  1. Let your hands play with the body:

Your hands express many things about yourself and while Escort Service in Goa  you are playing with your partner use them like a pro. Move them around her or his hairs, neck, shoulders, and intimate parts so one can feel an urge of sexual activity and arouse.

  1. Search for new postures:

Yes, trying new sexual positions are also a wonderful step for getting a better perception. Search out for new positions and as experts find out that spooning and criss-cross poses are liked by most of the couples and you stay closer with your partner.

  1. Oral sex will help:

Never underestimate the effect of oral sex and sometimes it is better than actual sex. Add licking, biting, and cuddling activities and be a little devil. Oral sex makes the sexual sessions more intense and long-lasting and experts also consider it a healthy activity.

  1. Talk naughty:

Talking dirty and naughty and adding some silly things in the conversation will increase the experience of foreplay so you must add it whenever you are in the bed with your partner.

  1. Use lube:

Some couples never like lubes but you can use them as a change as there is a variety of lubes available with different flavors.

  1. Take a shower together:

Taking a shower with your partner is a good tip. Let the water wet your body and you both are naked and touching each other passionately. Kiss each other and feel the real sensation and get ready to feel the orgasm.

  1. Let her dominate you:

Give a chance to your girlfriend or wife to dominate her and tell her that she can express her feelings as she wants to perform with you.

  1. Massage your partner:

Massage is a good step before sex and it makes your partner aroused well and you both enjoy more the whole session. Use any aromatic sensual oil and start with chest, thighs, waist, and so on. Add genitals also so one can feel the excitement.

  1. Use products and toys:

Using sexual toys like a vibrator, handcuffs, and other sex toys also work well. You can simply add them to your sexual activity and help your partner to use them well. Whenever you both feel the ultimate excitement just grab her and lick her and smooch her like a real man.

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