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Arrange the Reception in A Bohemian Way

Choosing a venue where the wedding ceremony would happen is difficult; there is always an apprehension if the place is right for the reception. This is the first step of the process, and then you decide about decoration, food, and drink. Banquet halls and gardens are the most sought-after among the available options for party places in San Antonio. The season when the wedding will take place influences your decision, in autumn it can be arranged in the garden. But in winter, the night would be chilly, and your guest may not enjoy it. The banquet hall gives all the warmth and comfort.

Space for everyone

If you are booking a banquet hall for the reception, ensures the hall can accommodate all the guests. There must be space for everyone, location of the venue is also important. If most of the invites are from out of town, a venue near the airport is preferred. Select a banquet hall or garden depending on the wedding reception style. If you are passionate about bohemian fashion, then opt for the garden. For the elegant, traditional reception style, a banquet hall would be more suitable. The venue is the most important factor for the event. All planning, implementation, and promotion revolve around it; choose a venue with an impeccable reputation.

Consult with your fiancée

The allocated budget for the reception is crucial. With that, you know the best venue for the event without stepping out of the allocated resource. Even if this criterion does not satisfy you, there are rendezvous that offer both; a banquet hall with an adjacent garden. In one place, you enjoy both outdoor entertainment and indoor comfort. Before making the final decision, consult with your fiancée, as the wedding is about meeting two souls and bodies. If the choice is about garden reception with a bohemian ambiance, you must arrange certain things to make it memorable.

Personalized décor

Celebration, as cherished as marriage, must be the epitome of the persona of the duo. The décor becomes more personal when photos of the bride and groom are displayed. A beer or wine bar is a trendy fashion, and many of your guests would like the added accessory. Pendant lights and light strips are often permanent fixtures of the garden décor. Soft lights around the shrubs and trees create the nostalgic ambiance you want for a romantic special night. The centerpiece table with a few pieces of timber, glass jars, and flowers gives an informal personal touch to the decoration. This arrangement creates a distinctive décor.

Autumn or summer

Autumn or summer is ideal for an outdoor marriage ceremony with you nature also celebrates. If the sun is scorching, arrange for a canopy. If not, you can always opt for a cool air-conditioned banquet hall and decorate it to your penchant with a warm romantic ambiance. If you are overwhelmed with the event, booking a banquet hall that provides all necessary services, including quality delectable food and beverage, and proposes a great variety of cuisines is preferable. Ice cream, succulent cocktails, and seasonal fruits are refreshing in summer.

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