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Honey, I found you a lover: interracial cuckold as a new kind of family relationship

Cuckolding is a sexual fetish in which a man watches his woman lead an intimate life with another. The word «cuckold» was invented by the British, remaking the name of the cuckoo – a bird that lays its eggs in other nests. Previously, this was the name of men who did not suspect that they were raising stepchildren. When this word began to denote a fetish, it is not known exactly. But now several hundred forums and sites are devoted to it.

Variety of cuckolding

Cuckolds can be divided into several types, one of which is the interracial cuckold. Such husbands like it when their woman has sexual relations only with representatives of another race, most often African-Americans.

Family relationships in such couples can be divided into 2 options:

  • A man likes a certain amount of humiliation through which he enjoys. In this version, it is also possible for the husband to participate in sexual games in the role of a subordinate, in the role of a woman.
  • A man becomes an equal participant and can simply observe, as well as join at any time.

Usually couples resort to cuckolding to diversify their intimate life. It all starts with discussing intimate fantasies, watching themed porn together, or reading forums and stories.

Not all couples decide to realize this all in life. And the preparation process itself can take a very long time.

How do couples start experimenting?

When it comes to real cuckolding, couples can experiment. So they understand what they like best.

Many couples report that they try out different options before starting their interracial cuckolding and hotwife family life. It can be swing or threesome.

Cuckolding is practiced by couples who have most often been married for quite some time. This is connected with the desire to diversify the sexual life and with a more trusting relationship. Couples who have been married for a long time are already accustomed to each other, trust and know each other more closely.

The ability to conduct a dialogue, talk with your partners is a very important part of discussing any changes in a couple’s life, and even more so the introduction of a new fetish. Most often, in stories about cuckolding, it is the man who is the initiator.

Therefore, it is important to competently discuss, convey your correct thoughts to your spouse. After all, cuckolding will bring pleasure and fun to a couple only with a mutual desire to participate in this.

Cuckolding is only for the confident!

Cuckolding can not only give couples a new experience, but also help them bond and strengthen the family. Research confirms that realized fantasies can have a positive impact on relationships.

But as always there is an important exception. Experts do not recommend cuckolding and hotwife for people with increased anxiety and jealousy, as well as for couples who have relationship problems. There is a risk that such an experience can turn into psychological trauma and lead to the collapse of the family.

The cuckold fantasy and the reaction to the real event may differ. Once in the same bedroom with his wife and lover, instead of arousal, a man may experience jealousy, resentment or anger, which will not be easy to deal with.

There is another danger as well. Cuckolding is able to reveal to the participants those sides of their personality that they did not even know about. Therefore, it is worthwhile to approach this kind of diversity of family life consciously.

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