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How to enjoy masturbation during pregnancy 

During pregnancy, several activities seem so off, and one of these activities is sex. While some ladies do not fancy sex once they are pregnant, others do, but their partner doesn’t. However, the only neutral form of sexual satisfaction is masturbation. So, you might want to move to self-satisfaction if you find sex somewhat un-amusing once you are heavy. Sometimes, the reason for the unsatisfaction when it comes to having sex with a pregnant woman isn’t their inadequacies in positioning, but because of the big belly, it makes it difficult to go on certain sexual positions. Peradventure these positions are some of your favorites; it becomes frustrating to both you and your partner.

As your belly grows bigger, it becomes more difficult to take those sexual positions, thereby making sex difficult and climaxing almost impossible. Nonetheless, you can’t help but wonder how it’s done in pregnant porn! It’s always as amusing as not being pregnant, which gets you even more confused and disoriented. You need not be. There are more than enough ways to go about enjoying sex and climaxing when pregnant.

Benefits of masturbating when pregnant

It’s the best for your baby’s safety:

One of the fascinating facts about women when they are pregnant is that they begin looking out for their baby at any given time. Before making any decision, they first weigh the advantages and disadvantages it might have on their baby. So, the issue of having sex becomes a no/no for some women. Hence, they begin masturbating as a way of making in for the missed sex. However, for women fond of using toys to masturbate, you might want to discontinue from toys for a while and focus on using your hand until after delivery.

Orgasms are on a different level of ecstasy:

If you think having an orgasm when having penetrative sex is great, try masturbating and having an orgasm when pregnant. Climaxing is at its maximum when you are pregnant, especially when it is via self-gratification. Some of the pregnant porn videos are a replica of this scenario where you get to understand that your genitals become more sensitive due to the amount of blood flowing through the walls during this time.

Is masturbating during pregnancy safe for your baby?

Peradventure, you are skeptical about whether masturbating is good for your baby; the answer is absolutely yes! Masturbating during pregnancy is an excellent choice. Most times, you might become tired of having penetrative sex, and you want a little bit of self-pleasure. Masturbating is that neutral ground. Again, you need not talk to your partner about how hard he thrusts or how hard he hits your “coochie” you know how well you want to feel, and you’ve got yourself to channel to that end. So, masturbating is more like the best shot pregnant women have towards achieving orgasms, especially when pregnant. All you need do is get on your back and do your thing the way no other person can!

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