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The History of Erotic Flash Games

Erotic games help to avoid routine everywhere – at work and in personal life. Thereby, people were always looking for creating such games. Luckily for users of, there is a huge variety of different games here absolutely for free. However, the situation thirty years ago was absolutely different.

What Was the First Erotic Computer Game?

Super Stud Adventure, released in 1981, is considered the first erotic game. Surely, it was not a flash game, since there was no such technology in those times. On its cover, there were three brunettes in the jacuzzi, in the erotic pose. The provocativeness was added by the fact that the girls were naked, but the water line covered the most interesting details. Such advertisement was printed in Time Magazine. The plot was about seducing three girls without being killed by the mafia. The price of the game was around thirty dollars. People in those times were not so happy, while our users get erotic games for free.

According to the developer, the game was conceived as a satire, making fun of various life situations, such as embarrassment from buying condoms or randomly inviting a girl who later steals your money. Unlike the modern flash games, the gameplay was a text quest, so the player could only fantasize about the girls on the cover. Unlike the competitors who offered to explore caves or plow through space, users lived in the locations of a bar, casino, and disco.

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