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The need of sex dolls

The sex industry has been on the forefront of implementation of innovative technologies, and integrating AI is unlikely to be an exception. Some AI applications already seek to mimic human dynamic, such as the conversational Alexa or Siri, which use machine-learning technology to better predict, understand, and correctly fulfill our informational requests. However, the sex industry is innovating AI to fulfill human emotional and physical demands. AI embedded in sex dolls product can be specifically geared to meet this demand. Current sex doll capabilities include touch and movement detection, blinking, brow movements, head turning and tilting, and holding conversations. Sex doll are complex systems where integration of AI and traditional and novel technologies may result in widely unknown and unpredictable risks. Researchers have already noted the lack of data about public health aspects of sex doll use.However, risks from sex doll or may also arise from the technology developed for them. Herein, we consider the pathway for risks to emerge from AI advancement within sex doll and argue that an aversion to regulating pleasure devices, combined with an aptitude for sex to spur technological innovation may produce unique risks. Sex sells, and emerging technologies can benefit by providing new accessibility to pleasure and taboo subjects. Pietro Aretino’s pornographic Postures and Francois Rabelais’ obscene Gargantua and Pantagruel boosted the early printing press.

The benefits of leveraging sex to drive emerging technology are particularly pronounced when products are intended for private consumption; for example, the VCR benefitted from an early surge in X-rated prerecorded tapes, which constituted half of all video sales in the late 1970s. sex doll seek to provide an acceptable substitute for human companionship. Humanity is a long way from building robots that can be mistaken for humans, but given the goals of the AI development for sex doll, users may start ascribing them human features nonetheless.Sex doll ability to physically and emotionally resemble actual people usually idealized and hyper-sexualized women to provide gratifying intimate experiences is the key innovation and main risk driver. For example, a developer seeking to enhance the user experience with a sex doll may design a machine learning algorithm that builds trust between the human user and robot.

Existing risks for sex toys have been documented. Noting the sharp increase of emergency room visits for sex toy-related injuries after 1999, Stabile appealed for regulation around sex toy labeling, safe design, and chemical testing. Conventional risks already demonstrated in sex toys include physical, biological and chemical, at levels that have compelled regulatory action in other product categories.This hazard information is highly relevant for consumer risk because exposure to sex toys is significant throughout the US population, with nearly half of men and over half of all women reporting their use.In addition to enhancing conventional risks, internet-enabled sex toys,sexdoll heads or sex doll also pose new cyber security risks that cannot be fully addressed under existing regulatory processes for other products. Such risks including lax security measures that allow uninvited parties to collect and store usage information or videos, or the potential hacking of remotely operated sex toys. In the 21st century, sexual products such as sex toys, sex dolls are openly marketed on the Internet. The online retailer Amazon alone provides literally thousands of sexual wellness products. Increasingly, manufacturers of love dolls are experimenting with natural language skills, cameras and sensors of all kinds. Love dolls, which are actually a part of a daily routine for many people, also fill the headlines. Some newspapers and magazines, as well as radio stations, try to take a closer look and allow different perspectives, from users and affected persons. For all fields of application, it must be emphasized that the operation of artificial love servants can be quite complex and costly. In brothels, love dolls are cleaned after each use. With sex doll whether in brothels, in prisons or at home, it would be necessary to have technicians come in from time to time. In addition, service contracts with the manufacturer would be necessary, if only for software updates and specific repairs.

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