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Different types of tantric massages and how to enjoy them

During the entire time I have been living in Prague, and since I have been spoiling myself from time to time with massages, I came to the conclusion that you can get best acquainted with the quality of particular massage parlours through their tantric massages offers. I’m not saying that Tantra is my most favourite type of massages, but you can clearly identify the best quality parlours according to the performance and variability of their tantric massages.

Tantra is a broad concept and includes an entire system of meditations, spiritual exercises and rituals that developed in ancient India more than a millennium ago (have a look at this article fully describing the tantra). One of its branches specialises in various ways how to achieve a higher level of knowledge and consciousness through more intense sexual experience. The Tantric teachings say that the mutual and harmonious combination of male and female sexual energy can contribute to the perfect harmonious existence of the human body and the soul as a whole. It is evident that there exist many approaches to tantric massages and everyone can choose the one that suits him best.

What do I like about tantric massages?

I must confess that when I choose a tantric massage, it means that I really need to slow down and have time just for myself (well, myself and the masseuse). I enjoy the increasing awareness of my own body I got in the course of the massage. For me, it nicely translates the entire tantric system for in Sanskrit, the word “tantra” means “connection, bond” or more liberally translated “to broaden” or “to liberate”. There is an ongoing dispute what is “tantra” and what is its position in the Indian culture – I have found an interesting article about this topic.

I like that the tantric massages are not as invasive as Nuru massages, but they still retain that aspect of body-to-body massages. Also, from time to time, I like to have a certain amount of diversity – the interchanging touches of hands, and slides of feathers or fabrics – and if you have your eyes blindfolded and may experience the world around you only through the touch, then it really is worth it.

Tantric massages and men

Some guys like tantric erotic massages for their sexuality – and that is a fact – men are rather simple creatures. A beautiful masseuse touches me on highly erogenous places, how can I be dispassionate? I like it. But maybe it’s a good idea to think about some deeper significance of this massage technique. It allows us – men, with really demanding work to just relax, and for a moment “switch off” and only focus on our own sexuality and experiences.

Once, I actually enjoyed a treat – a tantric massage with two masseuses. In the end, I did not even know where I was. It was intense but still intimate.

Tantric massage for couples

In one case, I even took a shared tantric massage with my then-girlfriend. And it was rather strange and alluring experience. We decided to take the massage with a masseur and a masseuse, but in the course of the massage, when we got relaxed, we did not really care whose hands were massaging us. It was really a very deep feeling. We had also debated another similarly favourite option – to have two masseuses, but at the end, my girlfriend really did not like this idea.

The state of mind when you are completely relaxed, focusing only on your body and you experience the presence of other people in the room as if through the haze, it was indeed uplifting. And to be honest, as a couple we really appreciated the sense of mutual physical proximity and real intimacy. We are not together anymore, but the tantric massage really cannot be held responsible for it, does it?

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