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Cybersex: how to use it

Cyber sex has its codes, its lexicon and its approaches. Naughty surfing involves anchoring the lexicon, listing the sites and making himself seasoned to practice fantasy and planned sex. “Are you looking for…?”, “Sex cam?”, “Real?” Dom/sub and single?, all common lines for enthusiasts.

The expression of fantasies is carried out with precision and meticulousness. It is not a question of making a mistake about what one wants and what the other wants to live. Sexually stimulating the person you are talking to virtually takes several ways:

words by messages

sending files (amateur videos, sexy personal photos) interposed (nudity revealed in photograph)

launch of naughty (web) cams where “cybersexnauts” expose themselves in their simplest device.

Sex-related practices themselves are simulated or performed live (masturbation, exhibition, body caresses, feigned sexual positions, screams, etc.). The possibilities are endless when telephone communication takes part in the fantasy.

The only prerequisite is that the scenario must be predetermined in advance, well before the performance is executed. After a negotiation phase ensues, there is agreement on what is allowed what is not. Sometimes, some women perform live sex shows professionally. In this case, you must pay the show. Xchatz listed the best websites for a paid live sex show on webcam.

Online users take part in role-playing games that can take many forms. They slip into the shoes of virtual characters and forge a sexual identity (role of domination, submission, fetishist …) to the extent of expectations. The larger they are, the more daring and direct the exchange will be.

The ultimate goal of is to find the plan: the person and fantasy that best correspond to the desires of the moment.

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