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Secrets Only Confident Women Know

In today’s day and age, confidence is something every woman should attain as a part of her identity. Social norms have changed a lot in the past decade and now more than ever, women need to obtain the feeling of self-assurance and to have faith in themselves.

There are many factors which can make or break your confidence. Luckily, these tips are a secret no more, and will hopefully help you and inspire you through your journey to becoming a more self-assured you.


Every confident and self-sufficient woman knows how to get pleasure. Whatever the circumstances confident women put their happiness first. Depending on what you find enjoyable in life, you will act upon accordingly to fulfill those wishes. The key to achieving the true pleasure of any kind is by unapologetically doing what makes you happy.

This being said you don’t actually have to go all hedonistic and stop caring about anything else. But your top priority should always be you. This can get a little tricky because a lot of people confuse taking care of yourself with selfishness.

You can take care of yourself and be open to others simply by setting some boundaries. Women get the same questions over and over again like – When are you going to get married? Are you planning kids? What’s your next move in life? These questions shouldn’t determine your happiness. It’s just that those people perceive happiness in a way which involves marriage and kids. Which is perfectly fine.Maybe you like being single for now and would like to explore yourself first. Maybe you like your freedom and don’t want to settle for anything right now. You shouldn’t be obligated to explain your decisions and lifestyle. Especially when nowadays there are many pleasure playthings like vibrators which are spread widely. Just as the Pussycat Dolls said it “I don’t need a man to make it happen”.

Being in a relationship can be really fulfilling, but as it was mentioned before if you’re not ready for this step than don’t let yourself get pressured into something. The same goes for other things. If your friends are dying to go and see that movie which you are not a particular fan of – don’t go. There are so many other things you can do with your time which will in return bring you the satisfaction you truly want.

Self Care

Self-care has been a pretty popular topic lately. You can find a lot of advice on how to take care of yourself mentally, physically and spiritually. Every confident woman knows the importance of these branches of self-care.

We shall start with mental hygiene. Why is it referred to as hygiene? Well just like you shower every day, clean your home and do your laundry you can also implement this ‘clean’ thinking process when it comes to other situations. You can ‘clean out’ negative thinking patterns, people who are not good for you, and bad habits in general.

This can be done by recognizing what kind of thinking trigger your bad emotions. This takes a lot of work, but that’s just the part of deep. You can also do this with people. Listen to your emotions when you talk to someone that makes you feel bad and ask yourself – Why does this person make me feel this way? When you find out, closing the door to that person will be the easiest thing you’ve ever done.

As for physical health – the best thing you can do is to find something you love doing. Dancing, running, the gym, spinning class, hiking… There are many fun physical activities out there. And the key to remaining persistent in any kind of physical activity is to enjoy what you’re doing. The result will be marvelous! You’ll look good and feel even better.

The topic of spirituality can be quite sensitive. This is something that is very personal and intimate to each individual. The best advice here is to keep what you’re doing (if you actually are practicing spirituality) and have faith.


Formal education is a luxury not all of us are blessed with. But every confident woman knows that with our without a formal diploma, being open-minded and knowledgeable about certain topics will make your mind flourish.

In this day and age education has never been easier. There are millions of great information on the internet. You can learn languages, how to play an instrument, how to paint, how to become a programmer, how to cook. And everything is free! All these useful life-changing information is free! And powerful women have taken this chance and started perfecting themselves.

Whatever topic interests you, you can find literal YouTube tutorials on how to achieve your goal. How crazy is that? This is something we should all be grateful for and start bettering ourselves. Your education doesn’t stop with school or when you get a diploma. It’s a lifelong journey. Every day you learn something new and that is wonderful.

Final Words

The road to self-discovery and confidence needs a lot of courageousness. Being able to be unapologetically you without the fear of judgment is one of the most rewarding things you will ever do. Just think about it. If any successful or happy person doubting themselves every time some naysayer said something bad about the way they live their life they wouldn’t be where there are today. So keep your head up, think positive and everything will turn out for the best!

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